American Armsport Association

2000 National Championships Videos

Order video tapes by tape number/weight classes.  All tapes include finals.

One tape = $20    Two tapes = $35    Three tapes = $45

Tape # 1
Left Hand Men :  70kg, 110kg
Right Hand Men :  55kg, 65kg, 75kg, 85kg, 100kg
Tape # 2
Left Hand Men :  110+kg
Left Hand Women :  60kg, 80+kg
Masters Men :  80kg, 90kg, 100+kg
Masters Women :  60+kg
Right Hand Men :  70kg, 110kg
Right Hand Women :  45kg, 50kg, 55kg, 60kg, 70kg, 80kg, 80+kg

Tape # 3
Left Hand Men :  60kg, 80kg, 90kg
Masters Men :  70kg, 100kg
Right Hand Men :  50kg, 60kg, 80kg, 90kg 110+kg

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