American Armwrestling Association
1999 Minutes of State Directors Meeting

July 10, 1999
Baton Rouge, LA

Board of Directors present: Bob O'Leary, Mary McConnaughey, Frank Bean, Steve Stanaway, Ray Taglione, Sue Patton by proxy

State Directors present: Sam Cooper, Rex Kepler, Craig Tullier, Greg Wilson, Randy Stanaway, Richard Fox, Rick Laton, Lia Virelli, Al Virelli, Frank Bean, Karen Bean, Mary McConnaughey, Gil Tremblay, Elaine Blik, Greg Helm, Tom Simko, Chris Anderson

Members present:  Michael Clarke, Jim Fitzsimmons, Mike West, Clifton Beasley, Rodney Vergo, Margie Worden, Heather McSherry, Michele Sandifer, Jamie Fortenberry, Rrnest Phillips, Gary Wilburn, Tressa Brooner-Lakowsky, Clarice Friloux, Russell Gordon, Robert Stokes, Jerry Cole, Michael Selearis, Dennis Cristan

I.  Board of Directors Reports
1. Bob O'Leary - WAF news, European Championships/Hungary summary - 20 countries
    represented, 17 competing, Mary Morain - Passed away June 14 of pneumonia, IOC, GAISF
2. Sue Patton - Updated National Event Packet
3. Frank Bean - Updated Constitution, World Team info, N. American Continent contacts for WAF
4. Mary McConnaughey - Updated State & Board of Directors listing, Sanction event listing,
    Submitting Agenda Topics, Introduction of Rick Laton, new NC State Director
5. Ray Taglione - No report given
6. Steve Stanaway - Alternate referee program, Double foul situations

II. Financial Report
1. Linda O'Leary - Financial report was distributed for AAA
2. Linda O'Leary - Financial report was distributed for $5 fund

III. Armbender/Website
1. Armbender - Richard Kimble not present - Mary McConnaughey urged everyone to get
    results in asap and to put sanction # on results
2. Website - Karen Bean - receiving 150-200 hits per day, events are posted as soon as
    sanctioned, poll was run 1/14 - 7/1 regarding scorekeeping procedures results showed the
    majority wanted AAA scorekeeping to remain the same

IV. Competitor Ranking System Committee Report
1. Sue Patton, Frank Bean, and Ray Taglione comprised committee
2. Frank Bean reported committee found ranking system not acceptable at this time

V. Submitted Agenda Topics
1.  State Directors competing in non AAA events
    a. AAA has no ruling regarding State Directors participation in non AAA events. State Directors
       may participate in any event they choose
    b. Ray Taglione - expressed wish for AAA officials to be able to compete in any events
    c. Rule was read from Constitution & By-Laws
    d. State Directors agreed with AAA ruling.
2.  Novice Definition
    a. Suggestion by Karen Bean  to form a committee to define the term novice
    b. Committee formed - Mary McConnaughey to chair, Al Virelli, Greg Helm, Elaine Blik to assist
    c. Suggestion was made to advertise in the Armbender for ideas/comments/suggestions on the
        subject to be sent to Mary
3. Jr. Olympics & Youth Programs
    a. AAA is in need of a Youth Program.  We must have a program in order to seek Jr. Olympic
    b. Suggestion was made to form a committee to define a youth program
    c. Committee formed - Karen Bean to chair, Bobby Hopkins, Linda O'Leary, Margie Worden
       to assist
    d. Committee to look for insurance, weight classes vs ages to present next year
4. Armwrestler of the Yr vs Ed Jubinville Award
    a. Suggestion by Karen Bean to change Ed Jubinville Armwrestler of the Year award to
       Armwrestler of the Year only
    b. Suggestion by Karen Bean to present an Ed Jubinville Memorial Award which will be the
        highest award you can receive in AAA.  Anyone is eligible to receive award, i.e. sponsors,
        promoters, scorekeepers, etc.
   c. Ed Jubinville Memorial Award will be presented as merits
   d. MOTION by Elaine Blik, SECOND by Lia Virelli  to change Armwrestler of the Year award
      and present an Ed Jubinville Memorial Award - MOTION PASSED
   e. Suggestion by Karen Bean for only winners of Armwrestler of the Year to receive awards.
      No awards should be presented to nominees.  All nominees should be introduced on stage at
      the AAA Nationals
   f. Suggestion to change point values in Armwrestler of the Year voting to delete point values.
     All AAA officials should have 1 vote for male and 1 vote for female armwrestlers of the year.
    Call all nominees to stage to introduce to all present
  g. MOTION by Karen Bean, SECOND by Steve Stanaway to delete point values and all AAA
      officials have one vote for male and one vote for female - MOTION PASSED
  h. All nominations for male & female armwrestler of the year are due by December 31.
      Votes are due by May 1
5. Rules & Regulations
   a. Karen Bean questioned strap tightening if one competitor requests the strap to be tighter
      and the other competitor does not.  General discussion ensued and it was agreed the
      referees will use their discretion in tightening the strap.
   b. Tom Simko suggested AAA change all of their rules to match WAF rules, i.e. WAF has
      no feet on the floor rule and AAA does.  Frank Bean to discuss topic at WAF Congress
     meeting in Russia.

VI. National Event Packet
1. Send any suggestions for updates to Sue Patton
2. Craig Tullier suggested including a cost estimate sheet in the packet

VI. Bid for National Events
1. AAA 2000 National Championships were awarded to Bakersfield, California.
2. Dates are June 30 and July1

VII. Arnold Classic 2000
1. Dates are February 25, 26, 27, 2000
2. Prize Money - 1st - $600, 2nd - $300, 3rd - $100
3. New weight classes for men:   143, 176, 198, 198+
4. Weight class for women: 132
5. 10 competitors will be invited in each class
6. Bobby Hopkins discussed armwrestlers putting something back into the sport.  Suggested for
    National champions to have photos made for autograph purposes, especially to use at the Arnold

VIII. Other Topics
1.   AAA officials competing  in 2000 WAF World Championships if a weight division is not filled.
     If one competitor is in the class, then courtesy must be extended to that competitor to allow an
     official to compete.  All present agreed.
2. Heartland Awards is part of our armwrestling family.  Contact them for pricing on plaques, trophies,
    etc.  402-592-9315
3. Promotional Video for State Directors for possible sponsorship for events
4. Rex Kepler has a copy of "Winning at Armwrestling" by Jim Jensen
5. Al Virelli has a training video
6. Suggestion by Karen Bean to make 2 videos, 1 for national sponsorship and 1 for local/state
7. Committee formed to put together a promotional video to be presented in the AAA 2000
   membership meeting.
8. Committee to be chaired by Ray Taglione, assisted by Elaine Blik
9. Mary McConnaughey suggested AAA use "probationary" period for new State Directors
10. Al Virelli suggested armwrestlers find new products on the market, contact them for sponsorship.
11. Ray Taglione discussed referees not being consistent

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