Armwrestling – the game of testing arm strength and skill is now one of the world’s major sports.  While nearly everyone on earth understands the sport of armwrestling, it is the American Armsport Association in the United States that has given armwrestling a set of rules, a constitutional shape, and a vibrant everyday life. Armwrestling as an organized sport got its start in the United States in the early 60’s, and under the direction of Mr. Bob O'Leary, the American Armsport Association (AAA) began its existence.

To date, 56 armwrestling associations across the United States have united together under the leadership of the AAA. The American Armsport Association has State Directors promoting the sport by hosting local, state, and regional events in their respective states.  Operating under a structured Constitution & By-Laws, rules and regulations, this association has continued to grow and has become the largest promoting force for the sport of armwrestling. 

AAA sanctions local and state events throughout the year, and armwrestlers from all over the United States come together once a year for the National event.


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